Our Earth is on the edge of ....

lovely red+orange sunset, beautiful scenery...

but our earth is getting hotter and warmer

Forest burning is a net contributor to global warming , scientist says

Cloud and sky on Kota Kinabalu is dark and gloomy...
a few month without a good rain... it's a dry season...

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Global warming is unavoidable, jika manusia tetap berdegil.-_-

Mungkin telampau be'aircond' sudah bah manusia skrg ni sampai x bulih nampak global warming. See even the weather is crazy these days.

Dulu x pernah2 ada gempa pun bulih ada gempa sudah. The earth is sick. Rasa2 kita sedar kaitu ah sebelum dunia menjadi macam 'waterworld' or perhaps, 2012? GULP!

Bain~yup... it's just a matter of time... late or early, bahananya akan tiba jua

CicAk~yup, lucky2 ada ujan sikit so turun juga tu jerebu akibat hutan tebakar... our earth is tenat already, too old... sick and grumpy... mmmm

Support Earth Hour! yay! ^_^

nice sunset gambar 1st tu

YourEG~Yup..fire burning...fire burning...~_^

baincardin~yup...on the 27th..must support!

Burt~thanks bro... ^_^

Semua gambarnya luar biasa Sob...
Great shots :)


Those photos are amazing...flash fires...or fires regardless can be very frightening...but you bring the brilliance of light to your photograhpy...well done...

Beautiful and truly haunting photos.

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