Walking Or Running ?

What ? the fuel price is up again ? oh my... should i just walk or run to my workplace. Distance ? almost 16 miles from home..Wow! err, maybe i can achieve my gold to lost weight that way..hahaha . How to save your fuel? don't drive... simple~!

Eidul Fitri is coming , now it's a right time to buy a present or buy something to decorate your house . How to do it ? Drive to the shopping mall nearby ? no no no... you can do it online! but where ? there is a lot of shopping sites on the web . Traditional shopping sites will only show you stores that have paid for placement ( u know who ). There is one place which is heaven for Internet Shopper... ShopWiki. You can find almost everything and anything from their site. More products from more stores means better deals and saving... love it!

what i like most about them is they have a buying guide , fashion tips and safety tips ..oh my.. can you find a great tips like this in any other shopping site ?. For an example , if you want to buy a sunglasses , they are just not showing you a branded and expensive one , they will tell you about sunglasses buying guide , safety tips , fashion sunglasess and sunglasses for your face shape.. it's great ! so at the same time will learn more about fashion and the things you buy..

Shopping is not for a men ? Come on dude ! There is a time when you want to buy something for yourself ..right. Watch , Clothes , shirt , or anything.. Or maybe you kinda a shy person , you want to buy a present for you girlfriend , but you are to shy to buy something special and romantic for her... you don't want the casher girl to smile at you...hahaha.. in this case, buying a girls lingerie..ouch

i want to buy a new camera soon , my current digital camera is okay , but i think i need a new one so i can take a good quality photos during Eidul Fitri at 'Kampung' (village) soon... miss everybody so much! can't wait to go home.

save my fuel budget with shopping online... happy shopping everybody!

2 comments pada :“ Walking Or Running ? ”

hmm mcm2 dugaan skrg dekat2 nak raya ni ye.minyak naik lah, barang naiklah..dugaan2. walaubagaimanapun raya tetap raya cuma bersederhanalah dari setiap segi.

gambar2 bro tetap menarik dan memberi nilai estetikanya yang tersendiri

Thanks Fly :)
yup , dugaan dan cabaran datang setiap saat..kita kena hadapi dengan tenang dan sabar :)

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