'Shoot And Run' at Tuaran

Shoot and run at Tuaran, last week. This is my hobby, and i'll do it more often after this. Yup, more time for me, myself and i. hahaha....

'pisang goreng' ...yummy... i'm looking for any straw or plastic, but can't find any...

"We must do it!... it is our mission!... are you in or out?"
hahaha.. i'm imaginating things !

variety of local delicacies such as kuih-kuih...
oh my..i'm hungry!
"aunty... i have 'member card' can i have some discount?"
think out of the box... i think we should start this... hahaha

"hello...boss! nobody want to buy our watermelon lah boss, i think we should change the colour lah little bit... change it to red, maybe more lucky if like that...hello, boss...are you there?"
hahaha... maybe true..

"so thirsty lah... ice milo...so delicious!"

the old lady wondering if her customer want to buy or not... luck!

take this shot at Tamu Tuaran last week... kinda shy to snap a picture... hahaha
Once a week (always Sunday), Tuaran will be busy with a lot of people from the nearest town or villages. Unique local craft , vegetables , or you can find a variety of local delicacies in the tamu.

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So much food! Looks like a flavorful market.

I love your pictures. It also reminds me of Philippines the country I came from and in our early morning market it looks like this. All the food are familiar to me most specially the bananas and the desserts. Happy weekdays!

Bird or chicken?
Macro Monday~ The bud

Sandy~full of flavor and colour ~_^

Manang~we are from the same roots.. Asia ^_^ happy tuesday

klu pegi pasar rse cam klabu mata je..sume benda nmpk sdp..hehe

bukan setakat kelabu... tukar2 kaler..hahaha... semua nampak sedap dan lazat..huhuhu

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