" A human being should be able to change diaper , plan an invasion , butcher a hog , conn a ship design a building , write a sonnet , balance account , build a wall , set a bone , comfort the dying , take orders , give orders , cooperate , act alone , solve equations , analyze a new problem , pitch manure , program a computer , COOK a tasty meal , fight efficiently , die gallantly "
~ Robert Heinlen (American Science Fiction writer-1907-1988)

3 comments pada :“ CooK ”

people's are different, flexible and dinamic..


every people should hv the elements of knowledges, skills and attitudes..


the people's can be a real people..

remember this maprenz..

salam kembara..

Eko~thanks d de advice my fren.. :) appreciate it

Eyena~nice 2 and thanks 4 ur visit ..ahaks

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