Autumn In my HearT

Autumn or also known as Fall is a beautiful and unique season. Halloween is nearby and yes , we can smell Christmas . Festive season is coming , and it's a great time to buy a new clothes or to be exact , it's a shopping time ! Shop it online ~ Save Fuel usage , save the World !~ great campaign for online shopping... hehehe ... there is a lot of shopping site on the net , but Shopwiki is the heaven for Online-Shopper-holic ! You can find almost everything and anything from there...

What should i wear for this autumn ? should i wear something bright or dark ? or should i just wear my black t-shirt and jeans with a baseball hat ? simple and trendy... don't you ever think like you need someone to tell you what to wear , and need others opinion about your fashion ? hey , men also need a fashion guru ...

Shopping is not for a men ? come on dude ~! if girls can do it why can't we ? If they want to look pretty and cute , then we want to be macho and handsome , because in the end both of us want to be adorable to each other ... two heart become one on this Autumn... it's not a crime to fall in love (Crime? ~ maybe if she is someone's wife or he is someone's hubby)... and you can buy a special present for her or him..

I want a brand new Canon EOS Digital SLR Camera ! so i can take a great and nice photos on this festive season then i can upload it here , on my photoblog . Need a strict budget , hopefully can buy it before 2010 ~New Year .

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