Togetherness - You and I

Doesn't matter if i'm Asian and you are American or African or any other races in the world... we are one... human... humankind.

p/s: oh my! it's been a loOOOOoon time since my last photo / update for this blog. Busy or lazy? maybe in between... hehehe (diplomatic answer). But, here i am... Still kicking.

No! this is not your 5th level dream. Check your totem ! this is real.
err... dunno what i'm talking about? ahaks, it's from the movie... INCEPTION.
Architect your own dream. Build it!

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HDR is back! Jom layan!!!~ ^_^

woah..dah tengok kat blog bain...cayalah... nak test buat ni nanti... ~_^

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