Life is a Game ?

Life is a game ? anyone ? do you agree with me? . One thing for sure , if you 'die' in a game , you can always restart and play the game again. In real life , if you 'die' and that's it... you are death! Unless , we are talking about live a life as zombie... hehehe . But mate , if you make a mistake and no matter how huge it is , there is always a solution... Refresh and restart a new beginning in you life, it's never too late to start making changes in your life...

Lets talk about game , do you have any game console ? Playsation ( 1 , 2 or 3 ) ? Nintendo Wii ? or X-box 360 ? which one is the greatest console ? erm, that is hard to answer. I do have Playstation 2 , but yet , i'm so curious about x-box 360.. it's hard to find the ORIGINAL XBox 360 in Kinabalu.. some retailer say they do have the original , but i have to wait... walllaaa! And same thing with Games and Accessories for Xbox 360 or any other consoles , hard to find the original !

Why bother yourself to walk from one shopping complex to another ? i found a great way to buy the Original Xbox 360 ... it's through Shopwiki , yup , buy online ! But , i still have a problem with that , maybe i need special fund for that... or should i say, amount of 'kaching' aka money in my paypal account is not enough yet...hahahaha. No money , no talk..

p/s update: i'm waiting for Peter Jackson to make the Halo ( best game ever), to a life version , but yet i'm still happy when i went to watch District 9... it's awesome dude!

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that's scary~

ya bah tu xcidenz scary eh..luckily that guy teda injured... macam okes sija dia..

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