this is my sky watch FRIDAY

go and check out more skywatch images at skywatch site 
and you can share your skywatch... (>_<) whink!

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I love the blue sky, great shot.

Cheers and Happy New Year!
Regina In Pictures

Thanx for your comment Guy..
this is a skywatch at Sandakan , Sabah ...Airport :)

I love the blue sky so much!

Is it in Sandakan?


My Uppa is in Sandakan now.

The blue sky is so pretty and looks so wonderful... I look forward to the warmer weather and the rich blues of the sky!!
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yeah...it luks like u have the technique...mite be nice pic if u can take a falling leaves...i saw it wen i was in perak 4m my photography student frens...its gud to know that we share the same sky..isnt it?

Zara~ Yup, it's Sandakan Airport .. wah, you must be familiar with Sandakan... been there?

RockY~Thanx Michele... yup, a great blue sky is equal to a great joy and happiness... :)

Pa'e~ Still in a process of learning .. falling leaves, hmmm good idea, will try find one... ahaks , one sky , one nation... one now one nescafe..(eh...iklan oredi)

Never been there..but my Uppa is working there..SMK Palmo if I'm not mistaken...


Zara~ i think it's not smk palmo..it's SMK Pamol... :)

camera ape budakhutan pakai skarang?nadine tgh survey2 nak beli cam baru.. :p

Nadine~ aiseh, dak utan pakai Sony H3 jak... huhuhu....

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