Tamparuli : Blaze and Raze

Blaze and Raze

Location : Tamparuli , Sabah , Malaysia

Brief News - A 50 year old wooden shophouse razed early tuesday (09th December 2008) . The row is one of five remaining colonial-era shophouses which was built just after the war. Some 30 people residing in the units managed to flee to safety when it happened. Losses estimated at about RM 2 Million.

4 comments pada :“ Tamparuli : Blaze and Raze ”

*sad*. another heritage went down to dust (or in this case- to ash). :(

Paullove~ ya abh..kasian juga tu urang2 lah..hehehe

Melltsm4~what a pity.. 50 years old Shophouses... blaze and raze...

Ada simpan photo bgunan asal ka?? never seen this building la..huhu

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