Another SUNSET

there is a beach at Lok Kawi , Sabah... it's awesoMe~?
While waiting for Oreo , i'd decided to go there ...

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Simply amazing. One of the best entries for this week.

Sunsets are really amazing. I love your sunset pictures.

Wow. Beautiful shots. I love the vibrant orange colors. Thanks for sharing.

simply gorgeous photos!

Nice set... Lovely colors...

That last shot is divine-love your photos.

Fabulous, I never get enough of a gorgeous sunset! The amber colored sky as it goes to bed! Great shots! Well done!

Wow... i'm so glad 4 all of ur comments guy... thanks a lot...
love u all ! PEACE

Stunning! Love all of them! Have a nice weekend:)

Beautiful glows! Especialy love the rippling cloud textures in the last pic!

How did you switch lenses so quickly? A tele for the sun like a marshmallow on a coco cup to that wonderful wide angle with the sun like a pinprick on the horizon.
All your sunset photos are to die for!

Randi: Thanx bro...
GreyScale: wonderful ite...
Lousie; thanx sis..hehehe
Arija : not changing any lenses... just using my Sony DSC H3 camera... zoom in and out... i did use Canon for a wide shot...

Fantastic photos of sunset!
I think that sunset is a very lovely moment in natura!

Look now TODAY'S FLOWERS #03 today and join to this idea!


WoW!!!! aWeSOMe pics there ....

Adex~ thanx for your comment, i'm just an amateur photographer :)

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