Able to take this photo after i'm using my camera's flash to make 'him/her' ' blind' for a while... dirty trick yaiks...

Flies have often been used in mythology and literature to represent agents of death and decay, such as the Biblical fourth plague of Egypt, or portrayed as nuisances (e.g., in Greek mythology,Myiagros was a god who chased away flies during the sacrifices to Zeus and Athena a, and Zeus sent a fly to bite the horse Pegasus causing Belleropho to fall back to Earth when he attempted to ride to Mount Olympus), though in a few cultures the connotation is not so negative (e.g., in the traditional Navajo religion,Big Fly is an important spirit being). Emily Dickinson's poem "I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died" also makes reference to flies in the context of death.

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